Tuesday, 29 May 2012

{ let's create } my mini-sized great outdoors

The lovely ladies at Thistlewood Farm, It All Started With Paint, Eclectically Vintage, The Cottage Market, and The Space Between are having another Mission Possible Linky Party. This time, it's all about the great outdoors...
Lake Louise, Banff National Park Alberta | Photo by Radeka Photography
Sadly, my outdoors isn't quite as great as that! I'm not too happy with how my gardens are looking this year. I pulled out all the junipers that I never really liked anyway, but I think it's time for a complete landscape overhaul. So for now, my great outdoors comes in mini-size - planters. 

Earlier this spring, I posted this picture of a beach-inspired planter that I wanted to create:
Image via Sunset | Photo by Rob D. Brodman
I looked for similar plants, but didn't have much luck finding anything like them. So I had to improvise - I used a succulent, a gerber daisy, and juncus effusus. I popped in a piece of wood, a blue ball, and some shells, and I think this is about as beachy as my planter is going to get.
Photo by JAX Decor & Design
I didn't add sand yet because I'm not 100% certain that I'll be keeping the planter like this. What do you think - would you change it up or leave it as it is?

I normally don't plant any flowers in the backyard because our Lab Squirt thinks that everything is edible and that plants are her own personal buffet. But I thought I'd take a shot with a few planters on the back deck and hope for the best! A little pot of red double impatiens...
Photo by JAX Decor & Design
I wanted to use geraniums in the big pots, but the garden center I was at was completely sold out and I was in a hurry and didn't feel like driving all over the place looking for geraniums, so impatiens it is!

Photos by JAX Decor & Design
So that's my little attempt at adding some beachiness to the front porch and colour to the backyard. If you want to join in on the fun or look for some outdoor inspiration, click the buttons below...

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  1. Your planters are cute! This posts reminds me that I need to go weed the backyard. :(

  2. The pots looks so lovely!! The one and only pot I have is still (just) filled with shells. Will probably stay that way...

  3. I adore the pots! I think they are fabulous!!!! (hugs)!!!

  4. First off, the plant name juncus effusus just makes me chuckle. It seems like a pig latin term or something. Beautius jobus with your plantersus!!! lol
    Thank you so much for linking up and sharing all of the blog link love!!

  5. I love your mini gardens. Here with such high heat in summer I find pots to difficult to manage as they dry out in an instant so I am green with envy.

  6. I think your beach planter is very cute and I love all of your other potted plants and the pots that they are in.

  7. I love your juncus in your trunkus (I mean pot)!

    What a fun little bit of the beach (or the shore, as we say in Jersey)!

    I would keep it just the way it is - go on and add that sand.

    I hope you can keep Squirt from squirting on your impatiens!

    Glad to see you at our party!

  8. I think the addition of the sand would be the perfect touch! And maybe Karah can send you some awesome driftwood that she collects in Curacao!

    The planters look lovely. And I'm curious about that squiggly plant in your beachy planter and the white flower bush by the back deck. See how technical I am when it comes to plants? I figure why get to know them all that well when I'm just going to kill them anyway ...


    ... so happy you shared with us at our Great Outdoors link party!


  9. OOh, there is nothing like planting a pot to really bring up the look of a garden. I love the colours you have chosen, especially the bright pink floppy petals with the white flowers. Looks lovely and colourful and not too prim & proper. Great!

  10. Wow, Kelly - your planters look great! And I wouldn't change a thing with your beachy planter - for me, I really got a hit of the beachy feel!

  11. You're planters are lovely! I love adding a bit of green and colour to the deck. I have to get at it myself. But I'm too busy taking weekend trips to Banff and Lake Louise! :) Sorry, had to rub it in!

  12. Cute little pots! I need to work on planting things in my pots, our focus has been the yard lately.

  13. BEAUTIFUL Kelly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -Brenda-

  14. Kelly,

    These look amazing! I love the flowers that you chose. What great texture. You have such an eye for design. Thanks for linking to the party!