Saturday, 12 May 2012

whatever floats your boat

Today’s post brought to you by Kelly

The glass floats that I mentioned in this post have arrived, and they’re sooooo beautiful! Robi from lightinawormhole threw in a little surprise, so I ended up with six floats :-) Here they all are…


*Sigh* I just love these little treasures of the sea. These are all Japanese floats that were handblown at least 40 years ago and were used to hold fishing nets. Over time, they got detached from the nets and made their way across the ocean to various beaches on the Pacific. When you think about how fragile glass is, it’s amazing that these little guys survived the waves and storms and all of nature’s elements to arrive safely on a sandy shore somewhere.

blue nile peridot ice

Beautiful blue…


The bubbles in the glass add so much character.

champagne northern lights

Besides being beautiful, glass floats are wonderfully tactile. They’re heavier than you might think. Holding one in your hand, you can’t help but wonder about the journey that it took, from the factory where it was made to its days out on the ocean to being discovered on a beach.

floats 2

Do you collect something rare or unusual?

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  1. Wow - those are gorgeous! How will you display them?

  2. They're just beautiful, Kelly! And that blue one is such a unique blue - I would love to know the details of its journey... if only they could talk!

  3. Oh I so love these and the history they carry. You've inspired me to start my own collection.

  4. Unbelievable that these delicate objects could make such a journey.

    The Disney fairy tale version of Pinocchio and Manstro the giant whale who consumed Geppeto some how comes to mind. If only they could talk. :) -Brenda-