Friday, 30 March 2012

{ let’s design } my new bathroom

Post by: Victoria, ÉdinHome&Co

Isn’t this bathroom – from the 2010 Princess Margaret Showhome – gorgeous?!

307-00405_SUP_HH_DE10Source: House and Home       Photographer: Michael Graydon

For years I’ve been dreaming about having a beautiful bathroom like this one with its white marble (carrera or bianco) and simple, classic feel.

DSCF1910But… for years I’ve lived with this! ---- >

Pretty, ain’t it?! ;-)

I suppose I should explain the off-kilter clawfoot tub. This photo was taken as we were removing the tub in preparation for…. wait for it… renovation!


A sad confession… unfortunately the tub isn’t returning to the finished bathroom :-(   Instead, we’re building a walk-in tiled shower complete with a rainhead shower fixture!!

Let me show you what IS going into the bathroom… starting with the flooring…

Carrara Basketweave Floor



Doesn’t basketweave marble floor tile fill you with pleasure?!

My plan is to lay the tile in a similar format because it’s so darned lovely! We’ll also use the basketweave tile on the shower floor.

Picture17For the walls I’m planning on using marble subway tiles in an off-set pattern… just like the Princess Margaret home (above) :-)   And I’m seriously thinking about adding a black border detail similar to this one. What do you think?

One element of the new bathroom I’m excited about is using a vintage dresser for the vanity!

Here’s the one I found… complete with a coordinating mirror! (note: I won’t be using the mirror mount – just the cabinet and the mirror)

2012-03-09 18.53.122012-03-09 18.55.28

I’m really happy with this purchase!

In the next week or so I’ll be taking paint & brush to these pieces… but not just any paint: Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. Soon my vanity and mirror will be white, slightly distressed and perfect for my vintage cottage bathroom!!Picture18




This is what the bathroom looked like the other day!

2012-03-22 18.20.43




At this point I’m planning on a marble or white quartz counter for the dresser… but it’s all about budget!!

Cross your fingers for me please!

And here are the pulls I’ve picked up for the dresser :-) 2012-03-22 18.21.47

Lastly… the overcounter basin and faucet (in chrome)!

pic_MediterraneanOvercounterLavatoryKohler Archer

One more lovely carrera marble bathroom to give me inspiration!!


I hope you’ll drop by to see how the bathroom looks once it’s complete!

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  1. I'm loving where you're going with this! And I think the black border might be the perfect finishing touch. So excited for you, and can't wait to see the end result!

  2. Good luck with the remodel. It is going to be beautiful with all the choices you have made.

  3. Oh em gee Victoria! This is going to be fabulous when you're done! I know this because just look at how your small basement bathroom turned out...!! GORG! Loving all these materials and the black is going be a nice finishing touch. Good luck and we'll all be waiting with baited breath (while you might be out of!):)

  4. Oh man! Your bathroom is going to be gorgeous!

  5. I am all about the bathroom at the moment and loved seeing this - my bathroom renos start in the first week of May !!!

  6. So excited to see the finished project! So happy you are getting your dream bathroom and hey, there's a tub in your other bath so goo full out with the shower!! xo Dawna

  7. It's going to look fantastic Victoria! I am also redoing my ensuite bath and there is definitely marble in it's future:) Can't wait to see how the vanity turns out.

  8. Oh Victoria!

    I can't wait to see the finished bathroom. Those basketweave tiles are amazing! I know the bathroom will be incredible!


  9. It is going to look amazing! Missed you today. Will respond to your text later:)

  10. So happy for you Victoria. Your bathroom is going to be l-o-v-i-L-E-E!!!!

    Re the chalk paint, Annie Sloan is an excellent brand but for the DYI's they can make their own.
    Ingredients: 2/3 cup FLAT LATEX Paint with l/3 cup PLASTER OF PARIS

    Method: Combine in an old container (ie: Tupperware with lid) and mix well together.
    If necessary, add a little water to the paint to achieve the desired chalkiness/flow consistency.

    Advantage: Colour choice is unlimited.
    Unlike store bought paint, when applying it to wood there is no need to prime/prep the surface.
    It can be stored for later in a sealed container. In event it dries out just add a little more water to it.

    Disadvantage: It dries fast.
    Once the paint is dry, touch ups will show. Try to ensure you don't miss any spots.

    Footnote: The paint goes on streaky but once dry; streaks disappear.
    Lightly sand using 320 grit sand paper. Wipe down or use a tack-cloth to remove sanding dust.
    Optional: If you wish to distress it: use 220 grit sand paper with a block.
    Optional: If you wish to apply a glaze, now is the time to do it.
    Complete your project with a furniture 'paste' wax following product instructions.

    Ta, da --- project completed. SMILES -Brenda-

    1. Great advice about chalk paint, mrsben :-) I've actually been planning to do a project using DIY chalk paint, so these tips are super-handy for me. Thanks!


    2. You are welcome Kelly. :) and ....oops that shud have read DIY's.

  11. Oh my goodness Victoria..... how exciting!!!! Make sure you show tons of pics !!!!! Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.

  12. Victoria,

    Love all the plans you have ready to go. Especially the flooring and subway tiles for shower. Can't wait to see how everything progresses!


  13. Your plans sounds so great. Can't wait to see the finished bathroom. I love the marble basket weave tile btw!

  14. Sigh, I've always wanted a Carrera marble bathroom. I'm not a claw foot tub fan so good for you ditching it!

  15. I like the idea you have for your new bathroom. The Princess Margaret bathroom certainly looks beautiful. Tiling the floors and walls can add a simple yet elegant look to the room. What’s more, it can be a great advantage, since tiles are relatively easier to clean as compared to other materials. Is sure hope you do have a bathroom that’s as beautiful as the Princess Margaret!

  16. I love the look of the Princess Margareth bathroom. The white marble gave the bathroom a brighter and cleaner atmosphere. I bet, the basketweave marble floor tile would look beautiful in your bathroom. I hope to see the outcome of your bathroom renovation.

  17. Those are some gorgeous bathrooms, to start with. Truly, you can never go wrong with a white bathroom -- that would definitely be relaxing. Anyhow, how did the reno come along? I'd love to see your new bathroom. :)

  18. Whoa, that bathroom is worthy of being in your dreams. Hehe. It's gorgeous! That's a great choice for your floor tiles. Busy patterns make spaces appear wider. That's going to be a nice dresser, Victoria. Is the bathroom done? :)

  19. That vanity cabinet unbelievably elegant! It will definitely lend the classic feel you want for your bathroom. And the vintage pieces will fit in nicely with the kind of atmosphere you want to give your little bathroom space. It would be great if you can post pictures of the finished bathroom! We’d love to see what you did to give your bathroom that classic vibe you want!

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