Friday, 9 March 2012

a totally great diy but not the one i promised… oops!

If you dropped by earlier this week you’ll remember that I promised a DIY project with a couple Brassbrass pieces I found on a recent treasure hunt excursion.

These ones ------->

Being the meany that I am, I didn’t share with you what I’m trying with this vase and bowl… it’s a mystery DIY project! Truth be told, I’m keeping mum because there’s a good chance that what I’m doing won’t work out! Regardless of the end result, I’ll share because… well… sometimes things work better then expected and sometimes things flop! Fingers crossed that this project doesn’t flop!! ;-)

The Dominion BuildingAnyway… the whole project is being held ransom by my favourite art supply store. I made my way downtown the other day to pick up a product (which can’t be named… mystery project, remember?!) only to learn that it’s out of stock in all the stores in the lower-mainland!! What?! Not a total bust though because they had what I needed in their warehouse. So… I wait. And you wait.

P.S. The trip downtown is always a pleasure. See this fantastic building? This is The Dominion Building, circa 1910, and it’s where the art store is located. It’s a little piece of Paris, France in our city and I so love it!!!

BUT lovely DTTD readers… don’t navigate away because I have another DIY project to share with you!

If you’re a reader of my personal blog, Edin’s House, you may have seen this project… I love it and thought I’d share it again, especially since our new readers won’t have seen it :-)

Special (to me) Pillows!


This is my Mom’s old cableknit sweater. I “stole” it from her about 15 years ago and wore a few holes in it! Even though I don’t wear this sweater any more, I love it! And I’ve kept it… because it reminds me of my Mom, who passed away a little over 8 years ago now.

Rather than have it sit around in my wardrobe, I made a pillow out of it.

It turned out wonderfully; wait until you see it!!

In fact, I had so much FUN making this one very special pillow that I felt motivated to raid our closet for other things to make pillows from ;-)

A couple of Christmases ago my brother Brad gave me a wrap that I really liked. The problem is that no matter what I tried, I couldn’t find a comfortable and attractive way wear it. I felt so badly that I wasn’t enjoying a gift that Brad had put thought in to buying for me!

Here are a couple photos of the wrap.

I love that the wrap is made of natural fibres and that it has fantastic, woven texture!! As I was digging through things in my closet I knew that this wrap – with it’s dangly tassels – would make a terrific pillow!


So how did the pillows turn out?

Take a look!!


And… of course… my sweater pillow :-)


Soft, cozy, charming… and a little memory of my Mom!!

Now I need our basement renovation to be completed so that I have some rooms to actually PUT my new pillows in!! I have decorating ideas though… something to share in another post!!


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  1. Your pillows turned out gorgeous! What a wonderful way to showcase your treasures.

  2. I love me a sweater pillow! These are great, and you make it look so easy! Have a great weekend.

  3. So cozy and love the neutral colors. We leave invisible fingerprints on everything we touch and especially what we wear. How comforting to keep us company years later. Like music, as it leaves impressions within us, we mentally recall a previous experience upon hearing "that" song again.

  4. your pillows are wonderful! loe the neutral colors. Happy weekend!

  5. I love how it turned out! You are brilliant! The throw adds the perfect amount of texture to the pillow.


  6. The idea to turn a beloved sweater and wrap into comforting (and very attractive) throw cushions is so unique to me and I love it. I love what you created.

  7. Victoria,

    I just love these two pillows and all the sentimental value they hold for you ...

    Thanks so much for linking up to our Pillopalooza slumber party!