Wednesday, 7 March 2012

finding treasure!

I’m so excited because we’re finally renovating our bathroom!! We’ve been in our little city cottage for about 4 years now, and all that time we’ve lived with a horrendous bathroom. I’ve dreamed about what I want and – now that Brian has demo’d the space – it’s time for me to source out all the special things I’ve imagined. On a budget of course!

With that in mind, I took a trip to a local vintage & junk shop looking for the perfect cabinet or dresser to convert into a vanity.

And returned home with…

A totally fun occasional table!

Vintage TableI was immediately taken with the shape and condition of this table. I’m seriously thinking I’ll leave it as is and not refinish it. What do you think?


2012-03-02 17.07.11

I also found these brass pieces – a vase and a bowl.

I have no idea why I bought them except that at first glance I saw a DIY project in them. They were calling to me to be transformed! Good thing my impulsive purchase only cost me $5 total ;-)

Have you noticed a resurgence in antique brass and gold in hardware, fixtures, frames and pretty things for the house? What do you think? Would it work in your home?

Drop by on Friday to see what I did with them!

This is the second time I’ve dropped into this particular vintage/junk shop. It’s an itty bitty place, packed to the ceiling with stuff! There’s a small path into the shop and standing there in the middle of things can be very overwhelming. But if you take the time and look closely, treasures are found. Really! :-)

Like this one:

Vintage Desk Chair

I was so happy to find this vintage oak desk chair… it’ll be perfect for the home office I’ll be decorating in the next few months! This particular chair was sitting upside-down in a corner and buried by other chairs stacked on top. When I saw the aged oak I said to Paul, the shop Lampowner, “What’s that?” After shifting a few things out of the way he lifted this chair out and… WOW! I offered him $50 and he took it. How lucky am I?!

Speaking of luck, take a look at this $25 find…

I didn’t see this beauty at first, but funny enough it was sitting right in front of my eyes. Like I said, it takes a few minutes to actually SEE things in Paul’s shop. This is so not a store you casually stroll into and out of again because you’ll never see the treasures!

My new crystal lamp (heavy enough for Col. Mustard to effectively use in a game of Clue!) will eventually be placed in our guest bedroom, another room that I plan to be decorating in the next few months.

I can’t wait to share my plans for this bedroom with you!!

In the mean time, take a look at how the lamp is going to look sitting on the bedside table :-)

Lamp Vingette 1

So did I find a cabinet that we can transform into a vanity for our bathroom?

Hahaha! NO!

But I did come home with a new collection of treasures!!

Lamp Vingette 3

Signature 2[3]


  1. OH MY love it! Love all of it!!!
    Lots and lots of love

  2. I never seem to find what I'm looking for on Craigslist or Goodwill and thrift shops, but I usually come away with some awesome finds.

    1. Isn't that so often the case, Ashley?! I'm still on the hunt for a cabinet to transform into a bathroom vanity but no luck yet.
      I'll keep looking!!

  3. These are great finds! I've noticed an interesting come back in brass accessories, so you might keep them as they are. Today's designer have used these brass items strictly in elaborate combinations with wood, silver AND gold - on a white background (very "Swedish style").

  4. Wow, those really are some great treasures! I gotta go hunting this weekend now. I like that little table as is.

  5. Looking forward to seeing what you did with the brass vase and bowl. That chair was a great find for the price especially and I love the lamp. Just wondering about purchasing old lamps like the electrical up to current CSA standards, would it be safe to use?
    The table is really cute and very different design. I'm the type that would strip it down however and refinish it ;)

  6. You've scored! And I do see brass popping up more and more. I like the warmth of it, but haven't picked any up for myself. You have just inspired me to take a second look when I'm out doing my thrifting rounds. Can't wait until Friday to see what you've done!

  7. Love the cabinet! Isn't it a vintage magazine table with amazing pockets on the side say for towels? Great find!! Can't wait to see you reuse it in the bathroom! The brass... fun! I have done a few DIY's with pieces - high gloss white paint then bashed them around to reveal just enough of the brass for a ooo so chic look! Happy hunting & decorating! So happy you're finally getting to finish your wee little bathroom! xo

  8. Boy, you had a successful day! That table is very, very interesting. I can see it stripped and painted a glossy bright colour. I'll be waiting with baited breath to see what you end up doing with it. Lots of brass and gold around now. Silver is getting a run for it's money. Can't wait to see how you change all these "new" items. That crystal lamp was a steal...BEAUTIFUL!

  9. Awesome finds! It's always the way that you don't find what you were looking for but plenty of other things:) I went thrifting yesterday and came home with nothing. I love your great finds and I agree you should leave the table as is!

  10. Love that lamp! I think you need to take me with you next time :)

  11. Can you believe I found that same table at a garage sale in Ontario 20 years ago?! Too funny. Love it!!

  12. would kill...or at least seriously maim...for that oak, roller, swivel, desk chair. I have the matching oak, non-roller, non-swivel desk chair at our cottage...amost a pair between the two of us.

  13. Oh I am definitely taking you up on that offer Victoria to tag along to your fav second hand stores...fab finds!! I cannot wait to see what you do with it all...Have a great weekend!!