Monday, 19 March 2012

{ let’s imagine } design inspiration from dkor interiors

You never know where a mouse click will bring you and the inspiration that you’ll find when you get there. A couple of days ago, I clicked a link on Facebook that brought me to this bathroom designed by DKOR Interiors:

agate wall portfolio-image-136

Isn’t that agate wall is amazing!? Seeing as I was there, I had to browse through the rest of the portfolio. Here’s just a small sample of DKOR Interiors’s residential projects…

bathroom portfolio-image-156   DR portfolio-image-104DR portfolio-image-107   DR portfolio-image-159Kitchenn LR DR portfolio-image-160   LR portfolio-image-63patio portfolio-image-112   bedroom portfolio-image-170

But this is what really caught my eye:

bedroom portfolio-image-115  DR portfolio-image-110turquoise door portfolio-image-146  yellow doors portfolio-image-129

I love, love, LOVE the detail on these doors. As soon as I saw them, my mind started working… and now I have another project to add to my ever-growing list :-) It won’t be doors, but it’ll be very inspired by the design of these doors.

Speaking of which – I’ve been working on something this weekend that I’ve been wanting to do for a while. I saw lots of this “something” on blogs last week, which really inspired me to get going on one of my own. My handy assistant a.k.a. hubby has been more or less off the hook with this project – no power tools required. Unless you count a sewing machine {which he had to teach me how to use. I know, pretty sad, isn’t it?!}. The reveal is coming soon, so stay tuned!

What have you been inspired by lately?

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  1. The detail in these rooms is to die for! I'm definitely in love with the pink one!

  2. These folks really use colour and natural materials well! I too am inspired lately by agate so love that bathroom wall.

  3. Wow, that agate wall is amazing! I've been inspired by oranges lately. Okay before you raise an eyebrow ... it's got me rethinking getting rid of my orange accessories. I love the combination of orange on white so much that I'm thinking I may make some changes in our family room -- really perk it up for summer.

  4. I love the view off of that balcony shot! I agree, the detail on those doors is really an eye-catcher.

  5. Wow I just love love LOVEEE te agate wall!!! Is it real agate, or a wp?? Whatever it is, I want it!! And I just realized I need to update my blogroll =) Cheers girls!

    xox Linda

  6. Such beautiful photos and rooms! ...and it makes us feel like summer's around the corner, or should I say 'hope'.
    Darcy Lundgren (part-owner of DaDe Art&Design Lab) of Lundgren residential just completed a residential design project (where the basement 'game and gym' rooms were located,) with a back lit with an agate wall. It was magical!

    We've also recently been inspired in Beijing where we got to handpick Asian antiques to stage against modern, contemporary furniture in our showroom and gallery.