Sunday, 20 May 2012

PARA Paints blog crew contest – BAZINGA!

I’ll probably never be a member of a tall ship crew, ‘cause as much as I like to delude myself into thinking I’m adventurous, this is just never going to happen:

clip_image002Image of Picton Castle via Facebook

However, I’ve painted a wall or two or 163 in my time, so I’m pretty sure I could handle being a member of the PARA Paints Blog Crew! PARA Paints is joining with BlogPodium to give five bloggers a chance at fame, fortune, and paint. Woot! Sure, fame, and fortune would be nice, but it’s the PAINT that has me the most excited! Because with a year’s supply of paint (up to 15 gallons), I could finally finish the basement. It’s currently a very uninspiring yellow with an unfinished ceiling, lumpy laminate floor, and not much pretty at all. The workout area in particular needs a lot of help. This just doesn’t inspire me to want to spend a lot of time on the treadmill:


Very bland and boring – it needs some colour and fun! I want to make over this part of the basement using Penny’s bedroom on The Big Bang Theory as inspiration:

bigbang para 2Image via Set Directors Society of America | Paint colours from PARA Paints

It’s such a fresh and fun colour palette, and I’d be way more inclined to go downstairs and work out in a space that’s filled with colours that make me happy :-) I could paint each wall a different colour…

Interior-Design-of-Colorful-Houses-Stamberg-Aferiat-Architecture-1Image via | Design by Stamberg Aferiat Architecture

Or do something kinda wild and crazy, like zigzags. Is it just me, or is this a totally BAZINGA wall?

Benjamin Moore zig zag painted wall im busy procrastinatingImage via I’m Busy Procrastinating

Maybe a funky take on stripes…

I-LOVE-LUCY apt therapyImage via Apartment Therapy

Or how about waves…

Magic WallsImage via Davinong

If I was super-artistic, maybe I’d maybe create a mural – love that this one carries up onto the ceiling.

gym style house realty 3Image via Style House Realty

There’s a lot more of the basement that needs to be made over, but this is definitely where I would start. Although with 15 gallons of paint to use, I might not need to work out anymore to keep in shape! ;-)

A big thank you to PARA Paints for the opportunity to be a part of their Blog Crew. The five winners will be announced at BlogPodium on Saturday, May 26th – will you be there?

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  1. Good luck, Kelly! Wouldn't it be way too much fun to win? Maybe you and Barbara will end up on the stage together... Now that would be fun! My fingers are crossed for you :-)

  2. Good luck! Certainly lots of inspiration in this post should you win.

  3. What fun work out spaces! My favorite is definitely the mural! But the different color walls look fun too!

  4. totally cool Kelly. I hope you win.
    Speaking of adventures -- I took the Paddle Canada course this weekend. The scariest part was purposely dumping the kayak and ending up upside down in the ocean. Yikes. scarey but I did it. Except because of my bad back I was only able to get up on the boat again and couldn't kick hard enough to actually move my PFD out of the cockpit so I could get in it again. That means I have to retest! And do it all over again. Egads.
    Back to paint. I actually love experimenting with paint. And I'm still mulling that idea you shared about the itty bitty 'splash' of colour on the door edges. What a novel idea. Even though i'm not the least bit afraid to paint something bold. I've done it before and will surely do it again :~)

  5. All that paint - you could really paint the town red !!! Good luck !!

  6. Yay Para! And Sarah Richardson's line. Love that mural in the exercise room. Good luck!

  7. Oh my fingers are crossed that you win! I'd love to see which wall you'd pick for your basement BAZINGA! I wish I was going to Blogpodium but I'll be on a trip of my own, which should also be a blast, just not a blogging blast! ;-)

  8. Did you win????????? Question retracted .... re your May 27th post .... bear with me Kelly I am working backwards catching up on your posts.
    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -Brenda-