Monday, 2 April 2012

Painting 101: How to paint a super-clean line between two paint colours

Since we moved into this house in 2001, I’ve done a LOT of painting. That’s what you do when you move into a house where practically ever room is painted pink or green ;-) Not only have I painted every room {plus a closet or two}, but almost every room has been painted at least twice {the living room a grand total of five times – UGH!}. Hubby says I keep decreasing the square footage of our house ;-)

Anyway, with all this painting under my belt, I thought I’d share some painting tips with you. Starting with…

How to paint a super-clean line between two paint colours

I picked up this tip quite a few years ago, and it hasn’t failed me yet. If you’re painting stripes or another shape on your wall, or if you want to transition between two paint colours, this is how to get a super-clean line.

LOGO outside corner taped STEP 1

LOGO outside corner taped STEP 2

LOGO outside corner taped STEP 3

LOGO outside corner taped STEP 4

LOGO outside corner taped STEP 5

LOGO chelsea gray 4

As you can see in these pictures, I transitioned paint colours on a rounded corner. Yes, you CAN have two different wall colours even if you have rounded corners! I’ll tell you how in the next Painting 101 post.

Do you have a no-fail painting tip? Leave a comment and let me know – I’m always looking for better ways to paint :-)

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  1. This is a great tip, Kelly. I wouldn't have thought to use the existing paint color first!

  2. Love this tip Kelly. I had heard it before but I haven't had the opportunity to try it out myself. BTW I spent the weekend painting the cottage master bedroom, my hand is still cramped from holding the roller ;-( but it looks great - no more PINK!

  3. That is a great tip! We want to paint horizontal stripes in our half bath and I was really worried about the paint running under the tape!

  4. Just love the tips I'll bet it's great when painting walls stripped with semi gloss and high gloss just perfectly too.

  5. I love the lesson but I am much better off just getting in a painter as I would make such a mess even with this lesson !!

  6. Good tip! Have you ever tried Frog Tape? I see it advertised a lot now and wonder if it works and is worth the extra cost.

  7. I wish I had read this years ago. Thank you so much for stopping by The NY Melrose Family and leaving such a sweet comment on my laundry closet redo. I host a weekly link party going on right now and I'd love for you to link up your latest projects at I'm following via LF and I also followed both of you via twitter and facebook.

  8. Great tips! I've always done my own painting and have plenty of tips, so I'll tell you what; when I begin to paint my (whole) house I'll give you a call, you can come and help me and I promise I'll share everything I know. :)

    One thing I am going to add to your list when working with taped surfaces, USE A LIGHT TOUCH when painting over the tape, otherwise you will risk seepage under it (no matter what the brand is). Best to do two or three coats as Kelly has suggested. Also, if doing a colour block wall or stripes, trying using a "sponge roller" for painting rather than the conventional type.

    Oh before I forget; briefly 'let your paint dry' means to the touch. Whereas 'let your paint cure' usually takes a matter of days. (ie: Never ever wallpaper over a freshly painted area until it has cured and/or subject new paint to moisture.)

    GREAT POST Kelly! -Brenda-