Friday, 6 April 2012

it’s a cinch: { let’s create } rejuvenated pottery

Post by: Victoria, ÉdinHome&Co

2012-04-06 09.55.52Happy Friday to you!

For those of you who will see this post on the weekend… what the heck are you doing on the computer?! You should be kicking back and celebrating your lovely and long Easter Weekend!! ;-)

I know; owls have little to do with Easter… but DIY projects have to do with any day of the year!



Take a look at the clay (solid & kinda heavy) owl I discovered at a second-hand shop a few weeks ago…

Well… she’s now been painted white and she looks fresh, pretty and perfect for her Easter debut!

This project was as easy as could be. First I sprayed my little owl with primer then I followed up with 2 spray-coats of a satin white.



Here she is in her new white feathers!! :-)

2012-04-06 09.56.49

And because she’s a fickle owl and can’t decide which perch she prefers, here she’s featured as part of a vignette on my mantle but in 2 different spots. Silly little owlie! ;-)

2012-04-06 09.57.35

2012-04-06 09.53.22

She loves the limelight!!

I hope you have a wonderful Easter Weekend!

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P.S. The wonderful little yellow daisy painting sitting behind/with my sweet owl is an original I purchased from Blue and Beyond. I encourage you to drop by and check out her Etsy shop… you may find a painting YOU can’t live without!! :-)

P.S.S. Here’s a link to the Facebook page for my friend Sheila at 4Ever Sun Photography. She’s the photographer and editor behind the fabulous “crazy daisy” that I used in one of my ResinArt projects, also sitting behind my owlie.


  1. Love the owl even better AND I spy J's painting :) Hope you are having a productive weekend. I am sad to be missing the market in May, would of LOVED to have seen your booth but Nancy and I won the trip to Toronto and it is at the same time! Torn and excited at the same time!

    How are you doing V, it has been a while. Would LOVE to have a catch up coffee.

  2. I love owls and what you've done with this little guy. :)

  3. love the little owl...and the shot with a little of me in it :o)

  4. Love your new feathered friend and he makes such a handsome Snowy Owl.:) Great job.

    HAPPY EASTER! -Brenda-

  5. 4Ever Sun Photography6 April 2012 at 15:46


  6. Too wit...too woo! He turned out soo cute! Nice job!

  7. What an adorable little owl! Painted white was a great choice and love your vignette! Have a great Easter weekend!

  8. Oh the owl is so much prettier in her white feathers! Both the painting and the framed photo of the sunflowers are gorgeous.

  9. Oh she's lovely!!! You have a wonderful Easter and enjoy this BRILLIANT sunshine. Now get out and enjoy it!!!

  10. WHO would have thought that owl would look so good in all her white spray painted glory!

    I love owls and have a few myself - what a great find and transformation with a simple spray of paint.

  11. I LOVE the look of this little owl in white! Nice job :-) Hope you had a great Easter, Victoria!

  12. Love this project. My girlfriend did this as a sideline for about 3 years. She would scour garage sales for her finds and then take them home, prime them and paint them. Guess what she did with them? Yesiree, she sold them -- at a nice little profit.
    You've inspired me to do the same since I have been looking specifically for something in a gleaming white finish but now I know what I'll do -- I'll repurpose something else and paint it white -- Thanks.