Wednesday, 25 April 2012

IKEA Fun and fun with IKEA… frames that is! { let’s create }

Post by: Victoria, ÉdinHome&Co

IKEA-Richmond-ExteriorMonday evening was so terrific! Why? Well… bloggers and media were invited to the newly built, bigger then ever IKEA in Richmond, BC for a sneak peak at the digs before the Grand Opening and access to the general public!

All I can say is… well… WOW!!!

Oh. And that I had my shoes off within minutes because I wore the wrong shoes for exploring such an mega-huge store!!! OUCH!

Be sure to stop by Rosa’s blog flutterflutter and Barbara’s blog hodge:podge for their great accountings of the evening!

2012-04-23 20.40.30Me? First I’m going to share this photo of Tracey (Tracey Ayton Photography …Keeping house & everything else) and Andrea (From My Living Room) making comfy in the sheep skins (DO this!!), then I’m going to show you what I did with some of my IKEA purchases from that evening!

I bought several Ribba, Virserum & Sondrum frames. Making things to put into IKEA frames is as much fun as shopping through IKEA. I know you know what I mean because you love it too, don’t you?! ;-)

As an aside, I don’t think there’s anywhere out there where you can find similar quality frames at the IKEA price. Period. Don’t you love  IKEA frames?

So quickly, let me show you what I did…

EdinHome AFirst I took one of my Great Grandmother’s vintage doilies, cut it into many perfect mini-doilies and dyed a couple in an oh so fabulous tangerine!

Some I kept in their original colour.

Next I took the backings of the Virserum & Sondrum frames and glued pretty paper to them.

All set… to glue the doilies into position!

EdinHome 4


And voila!

EdinHome 2

bingo chipsWhile on a recent trip to Urban Source: Alternative Art Materials (a totally fun store on Main Street off 16th [Vancouver]!) I came across a small bin of Bingo Chips. I HAD to have them… and with the Ribba shadow box frames, I did this…

EdinHome 3






Again… I first adhered pretty art paper on the frame’s back, then I glued the chips (numbers random) in a simple geometric pattern.

Urban Source also had black chips with cute images on them used – I imagine – for marking the called numbers on your Bingo papers/pads.

So I bought some of those too :-)

I think the end result of each of these projects is totally FUN!!

EdinHome 1

I’ll be including these pieces (and others like them) in The Édin Collection, and they’ll be for sale at Scout Handmade & Vintage Market (check site for details!). If you’re in the lower mainland, be sure to come!!

EdinHome 5Now… I have to get back to work on THIS project




  1. Good for you, Victoria! Was it hard to make the first cut?

  2. Oh wow! Those are fabulous.
    And no, there are no better frames!! :)

  3. very cool Victoria! I'm so jealous of all you lower mainland blogesses with your VIP passes ;)

  4. love to see this post. love IKEA. i'm there almost every Saturday. hug


  5. LOVELY PICS:) I really like your blog and I will happily follow.

    If you want some swedish decor inspiration, you can check out my blog:)
    Have a great week.

    LOVE Maria at

  6. Ha! It was super fun hanging with you Victoria!! I love those pics, the idea is awesome!!!

  7. Kelly,

    Those bingo chips are so cute in that shadow box frame. I absolutely adore IKEA. The closest one to us is 4 hours away and I would drive it every weekend!

    Thanks for the inspiration.


  8. Ikea is AMAZING! I love the art you made! It's super cute!

  9. The framed doilies are beautiful. What a great project idea.

  10. Love this Victoria! The doily idea is inspiring, I have a few of these in my linen closet too. Our huge Ikea opened a few months ago, and I still haven't explored it all, it's so huge. Have a great weekend!

  11. These are fabulous!! I love me some Ikea - but tend to get lost and curl in the fetal position until someone gives me a cinnamon bun!

    Those bingo chips are perfect and the doily looks like an intricate paper cutting.

  12. You should do a roaring trade selling your wares at the market !!!!

  13. Those are beautiful! You are one crafty gal! And I love that the doily is orange, so pretty and so you!

    I wish I could have been at Ikea with you ladies, I totally missed out. I handed my final thesis in the next day!! So I'm actually all done now :) Feels great to be back to reading my fav blogs and catching up :) Hugs,

    Nancy xo

  14. These are great Victoria. Thank you for sharing the idea. -Brenda-

    P.S: Re the Rit dye, isn't it fabulous. I have used it on a number of projects (but prefer the hot water dye to the cold).