Monday, 23 April 2012

colour inspiration

Today’s post brought to you by Kelly

Whoa, what’s up with waking up to SNOW this morning?! EEK! It’s just wrong on so many levels. Thought I’d brighten my day and yours with these cheery & colourful rooms…

colourful space tumblr_m06pdeakeW1qmzy90o1_500Image via Tumblr

HHMonth_FE10Image via House & Home |Photographer Donna Griffith

7-hbx-green-dining-room-wallpaper-1011-healingbarsanti07-xlnImage via House Beautiful

See that painting on the wall? It inspired me to  create this painting:


Sorry I don’t have more for you today – it’s been a crazy weekend with trips to the hospital and to the cottage and now I have a patient at home with me. I’m so not cut out to be a nurse!

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  1. Love your painting Kelly, it's gorgeous. Love the floral chairs in this post too. What happy rooms!

  2. Whoa, those really are bright and colourful! I'm more of a neutral and black and white gal, but these are nice, and I'm especially attracted to the second pic. All of those patterns and colours and yet it works!

    Hope your snow melts soon. 27 in Calgary today, but its calling for snow here by Friday, so I can't really brag. ;)


  3. Uh, oh! Sorry you have to play nurse. Hope everyone's ok!

    Lovely painting, Kelly.

  4. I cannot believe you have snow - not great for you - you must be yearning for warmth !! Good luck playing nurse too - you must tell us all what happened !!

  5. Kelly,

    I love all of the beautiful colors. So inspirational (especially picture #1)! Hope everyone will get better soon at your house :)


  6. Kelly,

    Breathe, just breathe, that's what I'd do it's good for both you and the patient because you've got the art therapy down! Hope all is well soon.


  7. Uh oh! Everyone ok?
    The pictures are wonderful - I love colour in any home :)

  8. These are awesome photos - I needed a little brightening today! Thank you!!! :-)

  9. It definitely brightened up my day :) Thanks so much for sharing!!

  10. beautiful images Kelly absolutely perfect for the dreary weather we have been having.

  11. beautiful images Kelly absolutely perfect for the dreary weather we have been having.

  12. beautiful images Kelly absolutely perfect for the dreary weather we have been having.

  13. oh my gosh, I hope Hubs is okay.
    I was reading that post about that huge detailed light project you did -- whoa! you are one creative gal, that's for sure!
    My fave of this colourful group is that first photo. Love those colours together and love how they've put it together too. The white with black accents backdrop is perfect as well for that perfect colour splash.

    1. Hubs is fine, it was my dad who got banged up - he had a concussion and a bit of bleeding on the brain and two wicked black eyes. He's much better now and back home :-)
      The first room is my favourite of the three too - I just love black door & window frames, and the colour combo of bright pink & green & turquoise is so bold & pretty :-)


  14. Glad the snow is behind us ... but from the temperature today one wouldn't know it. Brrrr, hope our Summer is just around the corner.

    Love your 'happy' painting. -Brenda-