Tuesday, 17 April 2012

{ let’s create } the diy mojo is a go-go

Today’s post brought to you by Kelly

It usually takes me forever to get projects done. I think I kind of psych myself out and get intimidated by all the things that I want to do and wondering how I’ll get them all done. Does that ever happen to you? But every now and then, the mojo kicks in and I get on a roll. And the last week and a half, the mojo kicked itself up a few notches and I got everything {plus more} that I wanted to do done, YAY!

These are the projects I told you about in my easter weekend DIY marathon post

1. Paint the front door – check

It took more coats than I thought, and there were the small issues of it not being warm enough some days and running out of paint with one coat to go. But the front door is now SW Oceanside. and I love it! Oceanside 2 Oceanside 4

2. DIY mercury glass – check

I showed you how I created DIY mercury glass in this post last week. My friend Maureen wondered if it’s  possible to make copper mercury glass. That set the wheels in motion, and I came up with this:

copper mercury glass 2 copper mercury glass

And with a candle:candle 3

3. Painted glass bottles – check

The fastest & easiest project – just swoosh around some acrylic paint and a little bit of water inside the bottle, and voila!

glass bottles

4. Homemade chalk paint – check

OMG, this paint is so cool. And it couldn’t be any easier to make. Combine 1/3 cup plaster of paris with 2/3 cup latex paint {I mixed a smaller amount by scaling down the proportions}. Add a tiny bit of warm water if the paint is too thick {but you do want it to be relatively thick }. Then go ahead and paint whatever it is you want to paint, no sanding or priming required. I had a wood candlestick that I was planning to give to the Salvation Army. I think I’m going to keep it now :-) Here it is painted with the chalk paint version of BM Chelsea Gray {the colour I painted my gallery wall} and sanded to distress the finish.

copper bowl candlestick

I rubbed on some Minwax Clear Paste Wax, buffed, and ended up with this.


And one more recent project – this is the little personalized word art that I mentioned in my high street/low street post:

ocean breeze art 2

The best thing about all these projects is that they’re inexpensive & easy to do. And everything you need to make them is available at your local craft store, Dollar Store, and hardware store. What projects have you been working on lately? I’d love to see them!

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  1. Look at you miss smarty pants!! Now it's time to open a store full of your goodies.

  2. Wow! All in one blog posting! You go girl! I'm impressed! Love the mercury bowl! Your front door looks perfectly lovely! xo wendy

  3. ps...is that Nova Scotia tartan blue? That's what it reminds me of...I'd have never thought of using that, but it looks wonderful! xo wendy

  4. Love all of your completed projects but I have to say, that blue door is my favourite!

  5. You've been DIY busy! I still can't get over how much I love the color of your front door!

  6. wow, Kelly. I'm impressed!! You've been a busy girl. Everything you've done looks great. Love your front door color!

  7. Love it all! I've been MIA lately, but loooove the new blog! Great job. :)

  8. Kelly,

    How did you get all that done? I have purchased the spray paint to make the mercury glass and it has sat on my table for two weeks. Thanks for the inspiration :)


  9. Way to go, Kelly !! Could I hire you next Easter ???

  10. LOVE the bold front door! Just walked by a dark gray house the other day with a similar door and commented to my friend how much I liked it!

    And that copper mercury - stunning.

    And your knockoff Thistlewood Farm art is perfect!

    You are one busy gal - putting me to shame!

  11. Wow - you have been busy! And... It's all awesome! I'm intrigued with the copper mercury glass - it looks amazing with the candle light shining through. Good for you on the burst of mojo ;-)

  12. Ok, I totally need to pin all of these projects! I think chalkboard paint and chalk paint are very similar. And that copper mercury glass...I NEED to learn how to do that. Great projects, as always. Your door turned out fab, I can just see it now, running out of paint with one coat to go. Ugh.

  13. Very impressive Kelly! You are making me feel like a slacker. Yes, lots of projects on the go. I bought some chalk paint probably years ago now to paint my bed but it just hasn't been a priority. I always say "when things slow down..." but they never do! Love your front door colour, the mercury glass DIY - well, just about everything! Look forward to seeing you next month!

  14. You did an incredible job on each project!! And gave me some ideas ~ Thank you :)

    1. Thanks! And great to hear that you've been inspired - that's what sharing projects is all about :-)


  15. Loving the painted glass bottles...and your energy! Im the same I get spurts of very industrious behaviour followed by lots of thinking time.

  16. Love ALL your projects! Great job, esp love that candlestick!! Chalk paint is fabulous. :)

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  18. All your projects turned out fantastic Kelly! For your readers information I have to tell them that the photo image of your front door doesn't do it justice as swung by your house the other day and the colour is really fabulous.

    Also glad to hear that the Chalk Board Paint recipe turned out well for you (your candlestick is awesome) but I do have a question about your Thistlewood Farm project. Did you apply a coat of gesso to your canvas prior to gluing on the letters and painting it?

    Re personal projects; haven't tackled anything like you have lately however am in the midst of revamping little $-Store mini wooden chests into Pirate ones, to be used as Loot Bags for my Grandson's upcoming Birthday that will be filled with Pirate themed goodies. (I agree, T.G. $-Stores....smiles). At $2 a pop for fifteen chests, one cannot beat the price, plus the kids will have something to keep their trinkets and treasures in afterwards.

    For anyone planning a similar project, here is the scoop.
    a) 'Lightly' sand first using 120 (medium) sandpaper with a follow-up of 220 grit(fine). Wipe off all dust!
    b) Apply a pre-stain Wood Conditioner (ie: Miniwax Pre-Stain Wood Conditioner), regardless if you are staining or giving them a 'wash of paint'. This step is important for an even absorption. Follow instructions on can.
    c) Ensure that your finishing sealer (ie: Varathane, Lacquer etc.) is compatible to the products used. In other words, NEVER put a water-based product over an oil-based one unless of course you desire a Crackle or Alligator finish.

    Note: If you plan just to paint them for an opague (solid) appearance, you can just use a good primer over the bare sanded wood. I chose to give my project a stained appearance by giving them a 'wash of acrylic craft paint' which sped up the drying time and made clean-up much easier. Apply paint with a sponge brush and wipe/blot off with a paper towel while still wet. Another option is you could Decoupage them, but that is another whole new subject.

    Also, if in the market for a large makeshit Pirate Chest, consider using a cheap styrofoam beverage Cooler. With a little imagination, a spray-bomb of compatible paint (some paints will melt styrofoam) a glue gun plus a few odds 'n ends, you'll be amazed what you can create. :)

    In closing, I apology for the long-winded comment BUT ... you did ask 'what projects are we working on lately". Winks & Hugs -Brenda

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  20. Great projects Kelly. I love the copper mercury glass and your door is a rockin' colour! I really want to try that milk paint - now what can I paint.....? Adorable letter art BTW!

  21. Sweet! Love the bottles and candlestick as well, mmm how I love paint!!

  22. Instructions or tutorial on how the copper mercury glass was done......pretty please!!! :)

  23. Instructions or tutorial on how the copper mercury glass was done......pretty please!!! :)

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