Thursday, 19 April 2012

if the credit card’s a-rockin’… somebody stop me, please!

Today’s post brought to you by Kelly

Somebody, please, take my credit card and hide it far, far away from me. It’s been on fire the last couple of weeks. I mean, we’re talking seriously hot. MELTING even. See, this is why I have to do the inexpensive DIY projects – I can’t afford to actually buy any more stuff, ‘cause I’ve spent all my money on other stuff ;-) Like…

I bought this vintage walnut dresser from Tribute Decor. As soon as I saw the picture, I had to have it. Mind you, I don’t have anywhere to put it, but why let that stop me? ;-)

dresser walnut

I love the shape, the grain of the wood, and the unusual drawer pulls. It’s all just so… sexy! This baby definitely WON’T be getting covered in chalk paint. Although I think I’m going to refinish it and give it a less orange & less glossy finish. And hubby wants to replace the legs with something chunkier. A few people have suggested using it as a bar in the eat-in end of our kitchen – maybe :-)

Last week, I discovered a new-to-me artist in Ottawa, Susan Bailie. It just so happens that she was in the midst of holding an art auction to raise money for a local restaurant, the Lindenhof – which is the place where hubby proposed with a pretend ring in a Kinderegg {long story for another time!}. So I had no choice, I had to bid on a painting {or two or three}. I’m now the happy owner of Wonderland 5 :-)

wonderland 5

Not only does Susan create awesome artwork, she also works her magic in home decor, creating amazing wall treatments. I’ll be posting an interview with Susan soon and there’s going to be a giveaway too, so stay tuned for that!

And speaking of art… my friend, abstract artist Matt LeBlanc, just finished painting a big & beautiful painting for my family room. He gave me the honour of naming her, with the one “rule” that the name could only be one word {that’s how Matt rolls!} After a lot of thinking and inventing weird words, I came up with the perfect name – AQUA. It’s the colour, it’s water, and words with Q in them are just cool :-)

Matt 1

I bought some great fabric in Toronto back in January {see, always shopping!} and Faye Fortune Drapery turned it into awesome valances for my family room. They’re just what I envisioned – thanks to Faye’s daughter Heather, who was able to figure out the look I was going for with all my non-technical terms and descriptions :-)

valance close upDoes the blue pleat look like a sailboat to you? Or am I just weird?

My glass float hobby has become a bit of an obsession – I just can’t get enough of them! I’m a bit of a stickler for buying only authentic working antique glass floats, but when I saw this baby at HomeSense for $39.99, I had no other option but to buy it. Really. If I’d walked away, it would have rolled off the shelf and followed me home.

big glass float 2

I’ve also got my eye on these beautiful authentic glass floats from lightinawormhole on Etsy. I really should narrow them down to my favourite two or three, but each of them is one-of-a-kind and when they’re gone, they’re gone. Which one(s) would you choose?

peridot iceblue nilecelestialchampagnenorthern lights

For those rare times that I’m not using my credit card, I need somewhere to put it. I picked up this teal leather purse at the Originals Craft Show a couple of weeks ago. It’s the perfect size and style, and I love the colour more and more every day :-)


And to top off my crazy spending whirlwind, I just mailed off a deposit cheque to PEI this morning – we’re going to the ocean, baby! Well, OK, technically it’s the Northumberland Strait, but it’s a big body of water and we’re going to be living right beside it for a week with our dogs & flyball friends :-)

PEI sunset

OK, now I’m putting away my credit card and NOT using it again for at least a month! Right after sushi with the TBBs today at lunch. And after I decide which floats to buy. And… ;-)

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  1. Okay, Kelly - your blog is full of dangerous temptation. Seriously ;-) I've been looking for a dresser - LOVE the one you found - and happen to have a spot for it... just say'n in case you can't find a home for it. The fact that you're on the other side of the country might prove a bit of a hurdle... And the glass floats, well choose ALL comes to mind, but if I had to narrow it down, my 2 favorites hands-down are 'Northern Lights' and 'Blue Nile'. 'Champagne' is also very beautiful... how about that one from Home Sense, go figure. Great find!!!

  2. Cha-Ching! You have been busy shopping and working out the card but you sure spent your money wisely. Love all you purchased, had made and made yourself. PEI...great vacation plans :)

  3. I love the dresser - I would have got my credit card out for that too. And as for PEI, I am so jealous - if you go next year, could you fit me into your luggage ??

  4. All the floats are beautiful, I think I'd be tempted to buy them all. Love, love your valance, the artwork and oh my that Dresser is worth maxing out the Charge card for sure. Its so fun seeing someone else also spending their money as it cleanses my conscience some how. :) -Brenda-

  5. wonderful especially the Aqua! Happy Monday!

  6. I would have scooped up that fabulous dresser too - even with no place to put it!

    I have 5 or 6 glass buoys - they are fabulous. I would choose the Blue Nile.

    And $ spent on travel is never a bad thing!

  7. Great post Kelly, even though I'm so late reading. Love the paintings you've scored and I can't wait to see what you do with that beautiful dresser. It would be perfect as a bar. Love the float you got at Homesense and my vote is for the top right blue float. Oh, and love the purse ;-)