Thursday, 5 April 2012

{ let’s create } an easter weekend DIY marathon

Ok, so I have an extra-long six day Easter weekend, and I have nowhere to go and nothing to do that has to be done. Not even an Easter dinner on Sunday :-( So I’m thinking this is the perfect weekend to cross some projects off my to-do list. I’ve got one in-progress project that hit a roadblock when my sewing machine crapped out on my last week. I’ll keep you in suspense on that one till it’s ready for its reveal, but here are some of the projects I’m planning to work on over the next six days…

1. Paint the front door

I do this about every two years or so. Our house is white brick, and the only thing I can do to change it up a bit is change the front door colour. It’s been a couple of versions of purple, dark brown, dark blue, and right  now it’s turquoise. I saw this picture of a white house with a door painted Sherwin Williams Oceanside, and the painting urge hit me! Now I just need outdoor temps above 10 Celsius to get ‘er done.

SW Oceanside - might be repainting my front door!Image via At Home in Arkansas, photo by Nancy Nolan

2. DIY mercury glass

I’ve been wanting to try this mercury glass technique out for a while. I ordered a couple of cans of Krylon Looking Glass Paint from Amazon and they arrived last week. A spray bottle of water or vinegar and a few glass pieces from the Dollar Store, and I’ll be good to go.

Mercury Glass CenterpieceImage and DIY via Teal & Lime

3. Painted glass bottles

I posted about Style At Home’s spring 2012 trends yesterday, and now I want to make some coloured glass bottles. I have a few old bottles that’ll be prefect for this little DIY project.

Image & DIY via Ada & Darcy

4. Homemade chalk paint

I’ve been wanting to try out Annie Sloan Chalk Paint for a while, but it’s kind of expensive to use it on an experimental random DIY project.  But wouldn’t you know it, some crafty bloggers have come up with a way to make homemade chalk paint! {Thanks to our blog friend mrsben for leaving a comment on Victoria’s bathroom post with all the deets.} I haven’t decided what to paint, but I have LOTS of paint colours to choose from!

Image and DIY via From Gardners 2 Bergers

So that’s what I’m planning to do this long Easter weekend, along with a visit to the craft show this morning and maybe a walk through Gatineau Park with the dogs tomorrow. And maybe I’ll whip up a little Sex In The Pan {yeah, it’s that good – BETTER even!} Plus the usual every–day mundane stuff. Don’t forget to check back next week to see if I actually get all these projects done1

Wishing you a more exciting Easter weekend than mine :-)

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  1. You have one heck of a busy weekend planned. Hope you manage to get it all in. Enjoy and Happy Easter to you!

  2. I love the color you chose for the door! I have plans to repaint our door sometime this summer! It could use a bit of a pop!

  3. Kelly- you are such a great source of inspiration! I didn't even know it was possible to create a DUY mercury glass effect. Can't wait to see that one!

    xox Linda

  4. Have a wonderful relaxing Easter weekend Kelly. Oh exciting projects, I want to see how that mercury glass DIY turns out, and the painted glass bottles and the milk glass, and the door. I guess I want to see everything ;-)

  5. sounds like you are going to be one busy lady this weekend! can't wait to see your projects. Happy Easter!

  6. Oh Kelly, I want to try that mercury technique!!! I am so glad that there is such a thing because every time I see one of those candles in the stores, it's too expensive. Have a lovely long Easter weekend!

  7. I am impressed and so look forward to seeing all the colourful and successful end results. My main weekend project is gardening - digging and mulching and then time for some new herbs and vegies to go in !

  8. My goodness woman, where do you get your energy? Anxious to see what you decided upon.

    Re the paint colour for the door and its source. Don't know if you caught it Kelly but there seems to be a contradiction in colours but I think you are right. There were two colours mentioned: Sherwin Williams #6496 Ocean Side ... and .... #0064 Blue Peacock. (The latter on screen looks far darker to me.) Just thought you might want to take a peek in case you want to compare.

    Thanks for the honorable mention above. HAPPY EASTER! -Brenda-

    1. It's not so much energy, as feeling guilty if I'm just sitting around and not doing something useful! I started painting the front door before I read your comment. So too late to change the colour, but I'm really loving Oceanside. Also, I don't see Blue Peacock in my fan deck - maybe it's only available in the US? Happy Easter to you too :-)